News 01:07 July 2024:

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In today’s world, almost everybody is blogging. The internet is filled with all types of blogs and article written about anything in this world. Typically, blogging and writing articles is an easy task. The question is, do you have a strong marketing strategy for your work? There is a need to gain exposure outside your blog that will create a platform for growth and feedback on what you offer from other people.

Twitter is an effective platform of efficiently creating awareness for your work worldwide. It is easier when you link your blogging website to your twitter account. Articles written will automatically appear on your timeline once they are published.  That is not enough.  Giving a few insights on what the article is about leads to bookmarking and having more twitter likes.

To create more traffic in your blog, you can make use of automatic twitter likes on article tweets on your timeline.  This will give your followers undoubted reason of reading what is already approved by the appearance of the twitter likes. Numbers dictate how authoritative one can be when dealing with followers both on twitter and blogs.

A combination of articles, twitter likes, blogging and use of automatic twitter likes is a tool powerful enough to drive traffic in your area of expertise.