Do Not Post Stories That Are Longer Than 200 Minutes on Snapchat

News 01:07 July 2024:

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Snapchat is currently one of the most advanced forms of visual communication using Smartphones. Establishing an outstanding Snapchat profile and constantly sharing relevant content on Snapchat is a great way of establishing yourself on social media. This, in turn will lead to an increased number of Snapchat followers to your profile, an aspect that is highly valuable in social media marketing. To achieve this, there are certain things that you need to observe. For instance, your Snapchat stories should be no longer than 200 minutes.

If at any time you happen to have posted a story that is more than 200 minutes long, the implication is that you have cumulatively snapped not less than 20 times throughout the day. While some users may find this to be a cool way of expressing their lives, it is a harmful tactic for the marketers using this social media platform. Snapping too many times in a day may overwhelm your Snapchat followers; hence lower their interest in your snaps. As such, you should avoid this as much as possible.