Types of Followers on Snapchat

News 01:07 July 2024:

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Have you ever wonder who are your snapchat followers on Snapchat and how do they interact with you using the app? Probably, these could be the answers to your question and it may not be all but somehow it could be as entertaining as it is.  Let’s take a look at them then, shall we?

  1. Snobs but they are on your contact list – Never did chat nor sent you replies.
  2. Avid fans of your stories – Constantly liking your post and sending out messages, non-stop!
  3. Solid Blocker – Those who doesn’t even know you personally or just annoyed with your post.
  4. Lifetime Stalker – They have multiple accounts and just wants to view you
  5. The Great Pretender – Pretending that they are you. Posers in other words.
  6. Girlfriend from hell – keeps on nagging you about your pictures and videos
  7. Relatives from abroad – Always sending sweet messages and interacting with your post.
  8. Parental Guidance – Sometimes they can be a big fan but sometimes they scold you online.

There are a bunch of those people on Snap Chat and just like the real world, we are constantly been watch on how we live our lives. Therefore, be yourself and be cool!